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Dr. Walden - DFW's 1st OB/GYN to perform Orgasm "O" Shot®


What are The Doctors saying? 

















Knowing exactly how the orgasm system works can be key to detecting an issue. Learn everything you need to know about the female orgasm system:


As foreplay ensues, blood rushes over a woman’s body bolting to her vagina and engorging her clitoris.  She feels a sensation of warmth that pours over her body as beads of lubrication begin to form on the vaginal walls.  With each caress and moment of passion, the drops of lubrication swell to create a flowing stream.  Her breathing hastens, her heart races, her nipples stand erect.  The upper portion of her vagina widens in acceptance of the thrusting penis, while the lower portion narrows holding the penis in her grasp.


As the sexual encounter plays out in a fantastic blur of sweaty palms, decadent kisses and soft moans, her nerves and muscles build tension in her thighs, her buttocks, her pelvis and her sex organs, until her body can no longer withstand the pressure... unlocking an involuntary release from every corner of her body at once and indulging her in a flood of sensual gratification.


Following orgasm, the female body is relinquished to a state of complete satisfaction and relaxation.  Her brain begins to send out signals, releasing the additional secretions of oxytocin – the “cuddle hormone.”  Oxytocin can be attributed with the increased desire to engage in affection, touching and increase feelings of intimacy. Other hormones released during climax include dopamine – a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure – and DHEA, a hormone that boosts the immune system, promotes bone growth and keeps skin healthy.


Scientifically speaking, a woman’s orgasm occurs when the uterus, vagina and anus contract simultaneously at 0.8 second intervals. During any sexual encounter, a woman may experience between 3 and 15 contractions succinctly followed by an intense wave of pleasure.  Studies have shown that in the midst of an orgasm, a woman’s neurology disables areas associated with fear and anxiety.


Keep reading to learn more about treatment for sexual dysfunction, including the O-Shot® and Click Here & Get Started by making your appointment with Dr. Walden today!  Also, watch this from Fox News Health.





















The O-Shot® procedure was also featured on Good Morning America!   ~   February 6, 2014 


The O-Shot® procedure is simple, safe, and very effective.  Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a simple way to harness the body’s incredible ability to “fix” itself.  There are mounds of literature that show the safety, benefits and healing power of PRP; dentists have been using it successfully for decades.  PRP has become a necessary tool in Orthopedics, Wound Care, Plastic Surgery and Non-Invasive Aesthetics and now, Sexual Medicine.


Sexual Dysfunction affects over 50 percent of the male and female population.  The consequences of sexual dysfunction go well beyond the bedroom: self esteem, relationships, happiness and even productivity are affected.


Some of the newest uses of the O-Shot® are to also treat urinary incontinence.  I have had amazing results using PRP. Women have come to me with urge and stress incontinence after having tried many of the current medications and treatment without success. 


The result:  My practice has been busy treating women with PRP to help improve sexual function and resolve urinary incontinence.


Oscar Worthy Orgasms: O-Shot® makes 2014 & 2015 Swag Bag!


The O-Shot® is the revolutionary new solution to sexual dysfunction in women – and it’s not hard to guess what the “O” stands for.


Harper’s Bazaar calls it the “new treatment for the bedroom blues,” while on Good Morning America, one patient said of the treatment, “all I can say is, wow!”  The O-Shot® will likely become the “it” procedure this year, not only because of its effectiveness, but because it is rumored to be the coveted gift in the Oscar Swag bags in 2014.  Along with sweeping Academy Award nominations, top celebrities will also be experiencing fireworks in the bedroom.



The O-Shot on Dr. Oz


March 20, 2014

When it comes to getting what you want in life – some things take effort, patience and dedication.  For example, if you want flat abs, you have to spend your days in the gym.  If you want good grades, you will dedicate yourself to time in the library. And, if you want better orgasms, you . . . . oh, wait, you shouldn’t have to work hard for that!


However, statistics show that 43 percent of women are reported to suffer from sexual dysfunction and a whopping 60 percent is the actual estimate, making up for unreported cases.  When it comes to orgasms, more than 25 percent of women aren’t having them.  Female sexual dysfunction includes difficulty reaching orgasm, as well as low libido, vaginal dryness and a host of other conditions related to sexual desire and performance.  Even with age, having good sex shouldn’t be so difficult.


The O-Shot®, as featured on Dr. Oz, is finally a solution to lost or missing orgasms.  It is also a solution for low sexual desire, vaginal dryness, low sensitivity and urinary incontinence.


Sexual dysfunction can be link to a host of issues inside the body, including hormonal imbalance, medical conditions, emotional trauma and relationship issues.  While no one is saying that the O-Shot is the “one-stop shop” to cure all sources of sexual dysfunction, it has been shown effective to aid sexual satisfaction and general vaginal health!


The O-Shot® made from an organic ingredient, platelet rich plasma (PRP), is sourced from your own blood.  Once injected, the PRP stimulates stem cells inside the body, activating growth factors to stimulate repair and rejuvenation of worn or damaged tissues. 


What Women Want...And Need!  No more waiting...CLICK HERE & Get Started for Your O-Shot® appointment with Dr. Walden - the O- Shot® Expert that cares.    

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